‘Why did you leave so early’ — tearing your tee-shirt and the sea is the forever overwhelming warmth of others. Never unaffected, agitations of hands surrounds you welcome. Fast-talking, loud breaking, utmost caution of those days we spent alone together. Some neediness springing to our lips by accident, brought by the experience of something else.
Here we do welcome fools and gratitude, living deads and made up lies. Accepting the weight of looking deeper and sincerely, tiring down defences with failures. Regressing to childhood and its terror with great pleasure. All of it for the prize of gold: after the silent collapse comes the sun-soaked bare truth, eyes astonished by togetherness, the warmth of us, forever. Click to Continue

Hello . If you need help with finding your way here you can listen to my advices. You can go in the direction of North, East, South and West. Or role the Dice to let destiny rule!